Who We Are

As the Founding Neighbors of Our Home, ICC, we are a three-generation family that experiences the complex support needs of disability and aging.  

Jane, who is both social and private by nature, is the matriarch of the family.  In her 70’s she has spent the last 11 years caring for her aging parents and is looking forward to sharing her laughter and insights.  Neva, a delightful young woman who brings a fresh perspective to everything she experiences, has complex support needs due to disability.  

Neva, soon to be a young adult, deserves the opportunity for independence outside of her family home while receiving the supports that she needs for everyday life.

Alicia is the “meat” of the Sandwich Generation.  She looks forward to the relationships that proximity and shared values can bring to a larger community.

We all recognize the value of our community around us for life’s inspiration as well as natural supports. We will be the cornerstones of this community, gathering people around us that share values and goals.  We believe that coming together as neighbors, intentionally, will provide the stability that all of our families need to work, live, age and thrive in a community of our choice. This community will be home for all of us; Our Home.