the Our home Plan

Our goal is to create diverse pocket neighborhood communities consisting of families who have the opportunity for home-ownership and include individuals often seen as ‘at-risk’ (elders, people who experience disability and people below median income). This community will be based on strengths, interests and shared values not deficits and needs.

We plan to provide an alternative solution to four pressing challenges in Portland:

•    Housing options (especially home-ownership) are extremely limited in Portland for people with disabilities and are based on deficit and need (negative outcomes include: dependence on system, burden on family, separation from community, lack of individualization and ‘real life’ opportunities).

•    People below median income (often people who experience disability or are our ageing population) are increasingly being priced out of the residential home-ownership market in Portland.

•    Housing options for the aging population in Portland lack the opportunity for older individuals to give back and have a sense of purpose by being an integral part of an age-diverse and familiar community where you know your neighbors as well as receive the supports that are needed to age in place for as long as possible.

•    Currently Portland is lacking communities that intentionally bring together diverse populations of people (including, but not limited to, those who experience disability, aging, families, first time homebuyers, mixed income) based on shared values and interests that promote natural supports (see below) and individualized choice as a premise for community.