Our Home Neighborhoods

Our Home neighborhoods will be strong, affordable, diverse communities that foster cooperation and mutual respect and shared values.

They will consist of home ownership opportunities for approximately 10 – 20 families (depending on the size and zoning of the land site) diverse in family structure (singles, couples and families), age, ability, socioeconomics, and interests (what they bring to the community table) built to be architecturally modern, urban, lasting, and looking to the future. To help promote affordability, our homes will range in size from approximately 700 – 1,700 sf., most homes having the potential for 2 – 3 bedrooms each.

Funding and Management

In combination with existing state, federal, private and community programs, Our Home will help provide natural supports to assist those who live there with what is needed to age in place and live full, inclusive lives. Parameters will be set up for community longevity, flexibility and affordability. The basic tenants will remain consistent to the original intent and be managed by the Our Home Micro-Board consisting of dwelling members who have an ongoing interest in the viability of the community.


Our Home neighborhoods will consist of a cluster of buildings surrounded by gardens and accessible outdoor spaces that are efficient, sustainable, accessible, affordable, aesthetically pleasing, welcoming and a neighborhood asset. The Our Home neighborhood will provide the hub of home to ground from and extend out for work, school and the larger community where our children, our adults, and our seniors can build relationships and community.


Through private and community partnerships, Our Home plans to make available a percentage of homes at below market prices or will assist with supports and subsidies to encourage affordability for individuals or families at 80% or below of median income.

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