The Eight Principles

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1. Diversity

People together based on individual values, strengths and interests vs deficits, needs, diagnosis, income or age – preventing segregation.

2. Community

People who care about each other vs paid to care for each other –preventing social isolation and system dependency.

3. Proximity

Create an environment where proximity builds familiarity and companionship – preventing loneliness and failure to thrive.

4. Natural and Supported Interactions

Easy access to spontaneous, casual interactions as well as on-going intentional activities designed to support collaboration and community in which unexpected and unpredictable exchanges and happenings can take place – preventing isolation.

5. Reciprocity

A strength-based community creates opportunity to give as well as receive – preventing helplessness.

6. Purpose

Meaningless activity corrodes the human spirit. The opportunity to do things that we find meaningful is essential to human health and gives us purpose.

7. Beauty

Create an aesthetically pleasing, maintenance and energy efficient, ecologically sensitive environment where life revolves around close and continuing contact with neighbors, plants, animals, and children. It is these relationships that provide a pathway to a life worth living.

8. Growth and Flexibility

Creating an intentional community is a never-ending process. Human growth must never be separated from human life.

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